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2 years ago

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Several years ago we did a tour of 3 days in Venice at the end. We walked all morning on an excursion with the messaging service on vacation. A meal at the restaurant was booked for the tour party at night and, after a snack lunch, free afternoon for us. A return to the hotel for a rest and relaxation was announced. Later, after a comfortable resting in bed, my wife and I decided it was time to prepare for the evening tube555 event. We thought the shower to the city to wash the dust from our bodies. Typically Italian, the bathroom was large with a shower area with a short tiled wall separates the saved from the toilet and sink. Luckily, since we used the shower together, soaping with our time, washing each other and others relaxed back and buttocks and legs. He was about to have a tube555 full erection, my wife and my cock foam playful. She leaned to kiss me when tube555 I spent more time than necessary love soaptits mind. kiss After a time, times, my wife had the shower to dry off and go to the bathroom to wash her face. I dried off and enjoyed the view of my wife naked, bronze bent over the sink washing her face. His beautiful 36Cs turned gently as he bent and I celebrated an eye on his beautiful round ass. That had dropped the towel, but my hand was unconsciously deviated towards the tail, being fully erect and hard. I walked slowly out tube555 of the shower area, however, see my wife leaned over the basin, washed his face with a towel. I walked behind her and let my cock brush across her cheeks Education bare ass. She opened her mouth and looked in tube555 the mirror before her. I saw a smile cross his face when tube555 I came around and won the breasts hanging in my hands. When I was petting them back against me, stroking my cock with the soft skin of her buttocks. I strained my knee - flexion, so that my cock rested in the crack of her assas they moved slowly forward and backward. The tip of my penis touched her anus, which had a finger thoroughly with soap before fingers in the shower. But higher up on the toes and the tail obliquely upwards, towards her pussy wet and hot. Moments later, I was happily adrift in his welcome address, the heat tunnel. We decided to fuck each other in a tube555 slow, seductive grip as the pussy back and relaxing as a new thrust in the humid heat of the cabin. The pure sky, when they met the increasing demands of the moment. Suddenly the phone rang..... bed and rang and rang. Do not stop. Cursing, that was our shit so rudely interrupted, I took my wife, released her tits and went, tail swinging wildly up the phone. Tour was the messenger asked if we wanted to take tube555 a long time before going to the bus waiting for! , Mumbled out of breath, we're on the road then hung up the phone when we went in a hurry for me. we breathlessly did with the coach. Two others were also late, but nobody seemed to care. We have a very nice meal with lots of delicious Italian wine had to drink. A way back to the bus for the trip back to the hotel often. The guys in the gay group followed the ladies jokingly warned him pushing kids down to see Italy. My wife went before me, so I gladly took forward and play the game to tube555 show a bit Italian ass, to the amusement of others. Return to hotel for more drinks with the group before going to bed happy. At the moment we arrived to enter the elevator to the room my wife and I could not wait until our hands to each other to fuck in the afternoon without interruption. We kissed passionately as the elevator tube555 stopped on the floor and ran down the hallway to our room. My wife had the room key in his pocket. At that time the Italian hotel keys were cut to a solid wooden ball and tried to reach the key in the keyhole. " You can not? " I said, reaching around and fondling h
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